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Translation and distribution of the King James Bible of 1611

A project from Word of God International gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in Ottobrunn, Germany

We want to translate the King James Bible of 1611 into as many languages as possible and make it available to all people free of charge. Spreading the word of God as it was narrated in the King James Bible is our central goal.

Robert Kuhlmann
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About this project

We are currently translating the English King James Bible from 1611 into German and other languages. For this purpose, an online platform was set up that enables helpers from around the world to work together on this large project.
The knowledge gained during the translation work is made available to all translators in other languages ​​and the translators can exchange ideas and provide technical support in their work on the various language versions.

In addition to the texts, the rich graphic equipment of the King James Bible from 1611 will be restored and made available for the publication of all translations.

The German translation texts are generally made available to everyone free of charge. They are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Further translations that arise in the project are also published under this license. It is also planned to include existing translations in the project, the authors of which will then decide on the licensing.

The financing of the translation work and the publication of the translation results will be financed through donations. Among other things, we need funds to finance the online platform (Atlassian Confluence, Jira), which is used as a tool for creating and disseminating the results via the Internet. But we also need funds for equipping helpers around the world with computers and internet access and also for direct support for the livelihood of our helpers, who sometimes live in extremely poor regions of the world and do not otherwise do their work on translations in rare languages ​​and dialects can afford.

The current status of the German translation can be viewed via the following link:

The exact project description can be found here: