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Closed Children's Music Therapy Project, Argentina

A project from Children's Helpers Worldwide
in Villa Allende, Argentina

This organisation has a range of projects helping children and adults with mental and physical disabilities. They want to start a children’s music therapy project at their rehabilitation centre, which will greatly benefit the children.

Catherine F.
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About this project

Talleres Apadro has two centres in Villa Allende, Argentina. One runs various workshops for teenagers and adults with disabilities and the other is a rehabilitation centre for children.

The organisation was started by a group of parents in 1975. Their children needed treatment or rehabilitation but, due to the children's problems, it was difficult to take them all the way to Cordoba, the closest city, for this. Talleres Apadro was formed to help the children living in Villa Allende.

Music Therapy Project: Talleres Apadro want to start a music therapy project at their rehabilitation centre and have asked CHW to cover part of these costs. There will be a room dedicated to this project, and more instruments are needed. Music therapy will be of great benefit to the children there. We want to raise £2,220 to help get the music therapy project started!