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Covid-19 in India: Safeguarding families against crises

Churachandpur, India

Also during the second severe wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India humedica supports the people there. With food, material and knowledge for a successful business start-up as well as training for dealing with natural disasters.

H.Rauscher from humedica e. V.
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When one year ago a national curfew was enacted in India, from one day to another millions of people lost their jobs, their income and even their housing. Migrant workers and day laborers had to walk home, sometimes up to 900 kilometres. It is already called the biggest mass migration in India´s history. Back at home, they were left with nothing. humedica helps food as well as relief goods necessary for daily live and supports families in particularly hard effected regions to start a business and to brace themselves against future crises.

How humedica helps
  • Piglets for 100 families to start pig breeding, which is needed in the region
  • 30 sewing machines for women start-ups
  • Weaving looms for 70 traditional female weavers

Especially in such rural areas there are neither disaster networks nor emergency plans. humedica is set to change this. It is planned not only to train 1,200 first aiders, but also to provide important emergency equipment and first-aid kits. In schools and in hospitals staff will be prepared to respond to emergencies. In order to secure the start-ups for the future, a crisis training will provide the new founders with the knowledge on how to protect their businesses from disasters.