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Chatting for peace: The forum for children

A project from Berghof Foundation
in Tübingen, Germany

We want children to not be alone on the web with their questions about war and peace, conflict and violence. That's why we provide individual and age-appropriate answers to difficult questions at

Shirin Reuvers
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War and peace, conflict and violence, disinformation and hate speech - The online portal offers answers for children and young people

How can we make peace out of conflict? (Johanna, 8 years)
Why doesn't any country want to help refugees? (Lena, 9 years)
Why is there war? (Tim, 11 years)
Who is exerting influence from outside and with what interests in the Somalia war? (Melda, 17 years)

We created so that young people are not alone with these questions on the Internet. At, children and young people receive individual and age-appropriate answers that are based on the current state of scientific debate and on values such as peace, human rights and non-violence.

Reports on wars and conflicts are on the rise. Misinformation and populist groups spread fear, also among children and young people. Children look to the Internet for advice, information and answers to their questions. However, there are hardly any age-appropriate resources on these topics. Children and young people are often unsettled and existing fears are further stoked.

We at are working against this: On the platform, children and young people can ask their questions directly and receive individual, age-appropriate answers. The portal thus creates a counter-impulse to the often lurid reporting on war and violence, but also to disinformation and hate speech.

Another focus of is adults. Materials and methods for educators and multipliers are published so that they can be used in the classroom or at other educational events.

The portal also offers attractive, multimedia-based information on the topics of war and violence, conflict and peace. Complex contexts are presented in an understandable way, backgrounds are explained, and peacemakers from all over the world have their say. reaches high user numbers (approx. 16,500 per week) with just over 5,000 page views daily and an average of 22 children's questions per week.

A chat forum on

Next year, we want to continue to promote peace education and set up a chat forum on for a test phase. This was frequently requested by children. For this we need your support! Have a look at the portal and tell others about it, that would help us a lot.