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Action for Reforestation - Youth Parliament of Göttingen (Germany)

Göttingen, Germany

Climate protection, the theme of our time. We want to initiate actions for afforestation and support organisations such as “Primaklima”, whereby every 100th tree in the Göttingen region is to be planted. Together for a world worth living in.

Kerstin Jäger-Hartmann from Jugendparlament der Stadt Göttingen
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The Göttingen Youth Parliament, which represents the interests of young people in the Göttingen region, wants to contribute to climate protection, initiate actions for reforestation and support global organisations such as “Primaklima” with financial resources and public relations work, which, for example, carry out large-scale reforestation activities in Nicaragua. Social contribution  (improvement of working conditions and incomes for small farmers) is another important issue. As a result, planting is not only good for the environment, but also socially. 
Every 100th tree is planted in cooperation with “GoePflanzt” in the region of Göttingen. In April 2021, the committee, in cooperation with the Göttingen Green Space Office, planted 31 symbolic trees on the site of the Groner Siekanger as the start of the campaign “A Forest of Göttingen. ” Now we need your donations. With a donation to our project, you can make a concrete contribution to saving and strengthening the green lung of the Earth.
Climate protection is the responsibility of all generations.
Let us work together for a world worth living in in the future.