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Sheryl's Orphans Children Home in Kenya

A project from Afridunga e.V.
in Port Victoria, Kenya

Sheryl's Orphans Children Home in Kenya offers around 300 orphans a new home, education and food and thus a long-term perspective for a better future. Help us to keep our project going!

Chiara Adam
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About this project

Our current and sole focus is on supporting Sheryl's Orphans Children Home (SOCH) in Kenya. The non-governmental organization (NGO) was founded in Kenya in 2003 to provide for the basic needs of the orphans there and to accompany them on their way towards independence. The goal is to provide the approximately 300 orphans with an appropriate upbringing, education and health care, as well as a home, food and clothing. SOCH has built an orphanage in Port Victoria and Narok for this purpose.

A large part of the population around Lake Victoria lives from fishing. Port Victoria in the Busia District in western Kenya is considered one of the most important economic centers, where fishermen from Kenya, Uganda, which is only a few kilometers away, and Tanzania offer their fish on the market or sell it to middlemen. The multitude of social contacts, combined with prostitution and polygamy, contribute significantly to the spread of HIV and AIDS in Port Victoria, leaving numerous children to grow up on their own without their parents. 

In 2006, Rosemary Murumba founded Sheryl's Orphans Children Home to provide orphans in Port Victoria with a sense of security, a new home and schooling in this difficult situation. She and her husband, who is from Port Victoria, work together with the educators, teachers, interns, cook and janitor on site for the orphans of Port Victoria. The approximately 300 children from the age of three live mainly with relatives or acquaintances in the village and are cared for and supported according to Sheryl's example in the center and kindergarten named after her. Until her death, Sheryl herself devoted herself sacrificially to other villagers and in particular to the orphans of Port Victoria. Since 2015, Sheryl's Orphans Children Home has had an annex with two dormitories to give orphans without caregivers outside Sheryl a permanent home and a long-term perspective.