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Sport for everyone, regardless of nationality and belief.

A project from 1. SC Zehlendorf Steglitz e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Sport for everyone, regardless of nationality and belief - we give everyone a home in our club

Oliver Ostermann
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About this project

We try to get support for our many refugees who want to do sports with us in the club and who sometimes lack the right sportswear. Many of our refugees have almost nothing left and try to find a connection in their new life through sport. Many friendships have already been made. We have many refugees from Africa, Asia or even further away and everyone wants to do sport because sport connects people. Sport knows no hatred, no religion and no differences in skin color - sport only knows people, regardless of nationality or denomination! With the donations we would buy sports equipment for the children, young people and adults, but also enable training in our club. We would like to integrate these people into our lives and not exclude them, we would like to realize things or goals together with you and not leave you to yourself or alone, but what is even more important, we would like you and you to become part of our community or club family integrate into our lives. Depending on the sport, these people need shoes, tracksuits, swimming trunks, bags, etc. and we would then acquire all of this for you and equip you with them. This is also a sign of togetherness when the children and young people are dressed and equipped in the same way as all the other athletes in our club.