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Red Impacto Latam: COVID-19 Innovations

A project from Collective Leadership Institute gGmbH
in la paz, Bolivia

Through your donation, Daniela will have the chance to strengthen a network of social entrepreneurs in Latin America to find innovative solutions for COVID-19 challenges.

Martin Fielko
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About this project

Red Impacto Latam is a Latin American social entrepreneurship organization network that has been working since 2020 to support social entrepreneurs during the current economic and health crisis. The network has started to formalize its structure, however, the challenges of ineffective organization can threaten its future success.
In her role as manager of a virtual platform that unites the impact entrepreneurship community, Daniela Bolivar Rosales has a key role in creating more effective ways to support this network and its mission. With her support, these social entrepreneurs are better able to cope with this crisis while they continue to do their jobs and employ thousands of people and help their communities.

Daniela is a capacity-builder for different impact entrepreneurship programs. She sees the need to strengthen social entrepreneurs’ capabilities to collaborate as a pathway to create systemic change. Part of her job is to build alliances and find key anchor points to bring collaborations alive. With the right focus, these collaborations can grow. Daniela is personally motivated to become a visual and process facilitator in the Red Impacto Latam project and deepen meaning and augment ownership in the collaboration process. 
With your support through the CLI scholarship, Daniela will be able to become a certified Collective Leadership Specialist with proven expertise in designing and invigorating multi-stakeholder initiatives that work to achieve sustainability outcomes. This will allow her to strengthen the impact of the Red Impacto Latam network, and with that, the ability of social entrepreneurs across Latin America to cope with the Coronavirus crisis and develop innovative solutions to address the social, economic, and cultural challenges in the region.

Engagement Phase (Apr–Jun 2021): Daniela will conduct interviews with the Red Impacto Latam stakeholder system and begin to formulate a strategy and process to strengthen the network in consultation with CLI. She will be provided with all necessary course materials for the next phase.
Training Phase (Jun 2021): Daniela will participate in the Art of Process Facilitation workshop to learn facilitation skills with CLI methodologies and be certified as a Collective Leadership Specialist.
Implementation Support Phase (Jul– Dec 2021): Daniela will make necessary adjustments to the strategy and stay in close contact with CLI to ensure the best success and highest impact of your donation. 

CLI scholars: 1 
Direct beneficiaries: 70 social entrepreneurs in Latin America 
Wider affected system: 1,000+ employees and community members in Latin America