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Help for women and children during the conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia

A project from Tigray Frauen Verein in Deutschland e.V.
in Tigray, Ethiopia

Our commitment is to a world in which every woman and every girl can live a dignified life and can shape her life with self-determination and grace through her own strength and conviction.

Lea W.
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About this project

In November 2020, a conflict broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. This soon developed into a multidimensional conflict involving international and national actors. 

Women have been at the forefront of the conflict since its beginning and have been disproportionately affected by persecution and (sexual) violence. Women and men have different access to resources, power and decision-making before, during and after conflict. The experiences of women and of men in conflict situations differ significantly. 

The infrastructure that provides health care and education for women was already under threat due to COVID-19, and the displacement caused by the conflict has further destroyed access to these important resources. Women also often bear the main burden of the conflict, as many men are recruited to fight in the war, while women take on the role of head of household. They take on the responsibilities of primary provider of money, utilities and domestic care. As the war is constantly evolving with the addition of new actors, both the violence against women and their role in the conflict are hushed up. The war in addition to Covid-19 and all the other problems (plague of locusts) that came with it has only further highlighted and intensified these problems.

So there are still great hurdles ahead before peace is achieved in Tigray, Ethiopia, but also great hope. The goal should be to include women in political processes, equal access to education for women and girls, and restored health care and access to medical care for all women.

Despite disastrous consequences, this humanitarian crisis is receiving little international attention. Aid for the refugees who have arrived in the neighbouring country of Sudan, as well as for those affected in Tigray, is therefore urgently needed.

Together with our local partners, we want to provide emergency aid to ensure survival. 

With your donation, you can provide life-saving help to refugees in Sudan and those affected in Tigray. We also accept donations in kind.

- Hygiene items such as sanitary towels, nappies
- Ibuprofen, paracetamol
- Clothing for children, women
- Donate money