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Together for a resilient youth and strong future in South Africa

A project from Starkmacher e.V.
in Cape Town, South Africa

Together with Amava Oluntu, we are working towards a stronger future in South Africa. We collect donations to contribute to increased sustainable livelihoods and to promote a culture of kindness in a society that is still very divided.

Teresa Boulle
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About this project

Together against youth unemployment and social inequality

Although the social classes in South Africa have become more permeable since the official end of apartheid 27 years ago. Nevertheless, large parts of the population remain economically marginalised. Unemployment, lack of educational opportunities and poor health care are among the biggest problems - especially of young adults. The resulting inequality was exacerbated by the Corona crisis.  Hardship and hunger have increased sharply in South Africa: 65% of people are now below the poverty line (previously it was 50%).

The organisation Amava Oluntu promotes spaces and opportunities for education and encourages young people to find their own ways and solutions with resilience and self-confidence.

The focus is on supporting young people from Vrygrond: the township is located 25 km south of Cape Town and is characterised by gang crime, unemployment and poverty. The unemployment rate of around 80 % is among the highest in the city region. The social and economic inequality is based on the traces of the past. The economic legacy and social effects of apartheid persist in many respects to this day.

Amava Oluntu is committed not only to empowering these young people, but also to building bridges between resource-rich and resource-weak neighbourhoods. With local partners and initiatives, the organisation contributes to the building of trust and reconciliation.  The projects focus on mentoring, social entrepreneurship and community dialogues. 
Using inclusive methods such as participatory video, young people can explore issues together in groups and convey their ideas, needs and solutions creatively and without violence. 

We want that more people have access to education and a chance to work. That is why we help the organisation Amava Oluntu to implement strong educational projects! 
You too can help to create a more just future in South Africa.