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Quarantine accommodation for mother-child project in Kenya

A project from Watoto wa Nest e. V.
in Nairobi, Kenya

Due to Corona, new children and women can only be welcomed into the project after they have been in quarantine. Therefore, the project needs a new shelter. This is 10 square metres in size and has sleeping and sanitary facilities.

Christian Berndlmaier
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About this project

The mother-child project "The Nest" in Nairobi/Kenya is also struggling with the consequences of the Corona pandemic. Due to the increased hygiene requirements, new children and women can only be admitted to The Nest after they have gone into quarantine for 10 days.
For the quarantine, the project needs a new shelter, as accommodation in the regular premises is not possible. For this purpose, a simple housings with a size of 10 square metres has to be built. Besides sleeping facilities, it also has sanitary facilities. The quarantine shelter costs €5,000.
The aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to finance the shelter so that it is possible to continue accommodating children and women in the project.