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Funded Sun protection for Kindergarten Rooms in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Funded Sun protection for Kindergarten Rooms in Budapest

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49 kids in two kindergarten groups will not suffer any more from the heat and sunlight in their playrooms. We will set up three sunsails in the kindergarten to shade the terrace and rooms in spring as the siting is S/SW, on 72 qm.

B. Ladanyi from B. LadanyiWrite a message

23 girls and 26 boys need your help.

Since 10 years our kindergarten exists in an old prefabricated building and we, the parents dont want to let the kids start into the 11th summer without a sunshade on the terraces again.
Imagine that you cannot play inside the room and on the terrace, cannot rest in the afternoon because of the sunlight and heat and have to take your lunch with closed courtains most of the year.

The place is technically a glass house with its huge windows. From March to September, so except winter, from 10am to 4 pm its the worst time to stay inside there in the rooms. One teacher says: "...its almost not bearable, the heat, the lack of air. Despite the fact that its not protecting childrens health, we need to use open windows and portable fan."

We will set up sunsails in the kindergarten this spring to shade the terrace and rooms as the siting is S/SW. This is a cheap, fast and elegant method of solving the issue. The plan can be seen at the photo section. We will set up three sunsails with the size of 3x4x6 m= 72 qm.

The sponsor organisation has no funds for available as other infrastructural issues have to be solved this summer too. Unfortunately we have not the possibility to raise enough money from the parents neither.

Each person making a donation 15 EUR or above will be posted a color printed paper certificate with the following text, therefore can be used as a gift too!

Donations are collected on an EUR bank account in Germany.

With the kind donation of XXX (Name) XXXX EUR you will put a big smile on a child's face and help us to build sunsails for 49 girls and boys in 2 Kindergarten classes in Budapest on Date XXX".

To fill in names and get shipping addresses please contact the project manager at Shippings will be made monthly in the middle of the month if you do not request an urgent shipping. No shipping can be made if you don't specify your data via email.

The team members are parents: one architect, one parent representative, one contractor and the project manager.
The plan drawing and part of the costruction is our own work.

Please do not share this page on social media pages, after all, we are a private Christian Kindergarden.Thank you.

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