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Schatzkiste Neuwied - Dating agency for people with disabilities

A project from Förder- und Wohnstätten gGmbH
in Neuwied, Germany

The Schatzkiste supports people with disabilities in finding a boyfriend/girlfriend or a partner (via a protected database). Among our success stories we can count one marriage.

Michaela Franzen
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About this project

Schatzkiste Neuwied
Contact and partner agency for people with disabilities

The Schatzkiste Neuwied belongs to the Bundesverein Schatzkiste e.V.. Throughout Germany there are over 40 locations, now also 5 times in Switzerland and 1 time in Austria.

The Schatzkiste wants to support people with disabilities in their desire to find a boyfriend/girlfriend or a partner.

The registration in the protected database always takes place in person (virtually).  Up to now we have registered 192 searching persons. Due to the Corona pandemic, many people with disabilities are particularly lonely, which is reflected in a high number of requests.

The running costs such as material costs, personnel costs, room rent and telephone/internet cannot be covered by the one-time admission fee of 5 Euros. We gain most of our income from events such as singles parties, dance coffees, game afternoons, movie nights, cooking evenings, etc., which have not been able to take place for some time due to Corona. Also the events are not always cost-covering.

Therefore, we are dependent on grants and funding!

To our success story we can count a marriage since 2016.