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AHC Spendenlauf

A project from AHC-Deutschland e.V.
in Erfurt, Germany

Disabled man runs with help to raise funds to research his rare disease.

Paul Maschke
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About this project

Hi there, I'm Max (27) and I have the rare disability AHC. I have regular paralysis and it is difficult for me to walk in everyday life, even with the help of others. I often get paralyzed while walking and can't go any further. That's why I always need assistance.

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I plan to actively draw attention to my very rare disease. With my campaign in December I collected 30.000 steps and was incredibly motivated by donations totaling over 3.000 euros. Now I want to stay tuned for the longer term and have set myself a new goal. This will be more difficult and will certainly only be achievable after many months, but I hope that this even bigger campaign will give me further support and sponsorship. In a figurative sense, I would like to walk the distance from my home in Erfurt to the University of Göttingen, where they are researching my illness - that's 128 km! - continuously cover my daily routine. My smartwatch continues to count my steps and converts this into kilometers. On average, my daily distance so far has been between half a kilometer and one kilometer, depending on my form of the day. The resulting donations will also be used to research the AHC at the University of Göttingen. The research team there has already discovered the causative gene mutation, but the disease cannot yet be treated satisfactorily or even cured. Due to the low level of awareness and funding, the donations are urgently needed there. Only about 50 people in Germany suffer from my disease. I hope for YOUR support by drawing attention to my campaign and donations. On my Instagram profile @ahc_and_me I show you my weekly walking distance and give more information about me, the illness and the course of the fundraising campaign. Thank you on behalf of everyone concerned.