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A rehearsal room for the FIGHTING SPIRITS

A project from Förderverein der Fighting Spirits e.V.
in Schwalmtal, Germany

A new rehearsal room for THE FIGHTING SPIRITS - a music band built by children&youths (or their relatives) who suffer from cancer. Music helps them to deal with their pain&feelings. They need a new "home" for their band, incl. furniture, kitchen etc.

Frank Heemsoth
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About this project

The Fighting Spirits - an NGO in Schwalmtal and Düsseldorf, NRW, Germany with a very emotional and important purpose. Approximately 25 kids and youths who are suffering from a life-threatening illness - mostly cancer - make music and sing to fight against their illness. Music is helping them to transport their pain & feelings but also to create strength to live with a diagnose to potentially lose their lives in an early stage (therapeutic support). They also make music and sing to support other kids, youth and adults who are suffering from a life-threatening disease or might have lost a relative or friend already.
An impression on their songs you can get here:
Their need:
Their last rehearsal room was in a dark basement, without proper sitting furniture, no access for wheelchairs (and some of the members need a wheelchair), no kitchen interior – these are some examples of what they need to get funded.
The project:
 We will do a sponsored RUN for the Fighting Spirits on May, 29th  where you can support by running and finding a sponsor who supports your run financially (you can also be your own sponsor). What you need to do is:
a) Run for more than for yourself – it does not matter how much or how long you run - and have your financial sponsor donate here on or
b) You can also jus donate here.
An UPS special: 
UPS employees all over the world are passionate about volunteering throughout the year. Therefore, at least 50 UPSers, their families and / or friends will also run on May, 29th for financially supporting the Fighting Spirits for running –  they can also invite everyone who loves to support (inside & outside UPS). All UPSers, familiesn & friends will additionally collect their run hours under the purpose “50 UPSer running 50 hours. Run for MORE than just for yourself.”
What everyone needs to do before & on May, 29th :
  1. Enjoy to make YOUR personal commitment on being part of this Run on May, 29th
  2. Find at least 1 Sponsor (or more!) for yourself who financially supports your run – you can also be your own sponsor.
  3. Take on your running shoes. If it rains or snow, please give a sh… on the weather. You will run for a good purpose
  4. Make some selfies or videos (don’t forget to smile – you run for a good purpose) and send to me. Contact mentioned here