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People with disabilities teach at universities

A project from Institut für Inklusive Bildung gemeinnützige GmbH
in Kiel, Germany

The Institute for Inclusive Education has developed a qualification in which people with so-called intellectual disabilities are qualified as educational specialists. As experts in their own cause, they impart inclusion skills to students.

Jessica Scheller
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About this project

"What I can do and what I know, only I can do and only I know and no one else in the world, because I am unique. I have found my personal professional calling in my work as an educational specialist."
(Samuel Wunsch, educational specialist)

Not about us - with us!
Samuel Wunsch has traded his job in a workshop for people with disabilities to lecture at the university. As an educational specialist and expert in his own cause, he shares his experiences with students and provides valuable insights into life with disabilities. 
In 2020, Samuel Wunsch and his 5 colleagues have reached and inspired about 5,000 students with their educational work. In their lectures and seminars, they share their experiences and thus sensitize students to the needs of people with disabilities at eye level (UN CRPD, Art. 8). For this purpose, they have undergone a three-year qualification to become educational specialists (UN CRPD, Art. 24) and are employed at the general labor market upon completion of the qualification (UN CRPD, Art. 27).
Our Vision
The Institute for Inclusive Education aims to bring about lasting change in the lives of people with disabilities as well as in the higher education system. The greatest potential for change unfolds when people with so-called intellectual disabilities themselves act as lecturers at universities. As experts in their own cause, they teach students what inclusion means in a practical way. In this way, they promote an inclusive professional attitude that students can pass on in their later professional lives. 
Support us!
12 people are already working as educational specialists, another 25 are currently in the qualification process. We would like to enable more people with so-called intellectual disabilities to qualify. To achieve this goal, we need financial means to cover the basic costs. Your donation helps us to get there! Living wage jobs are created for people with disabilities, which leads, among other things, to more self-determination and social participation. In addition, the work of the educational specialists breaks down the "barriers in the minds" and promotes mutual understanding between people with and without disabilities.
Learn more about us
For a comprehensive insight into the qualification to  educational specialists, we recommend the WDR documentary in German "Von der Behindertenwerkstatt in den Hörsaal".

For more information about the Institute for Inclusive Education, please visit our website.