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Berlin, Germany

ICYE South-to-South Volunteering is for young people in the global South. Your donation can give them a life-changing intercultural learning opportunity while volunteering abroad - an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have.

Courtney Kelner from ICYE
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A world full of possibilities - and yet
Nowadays, the world offers many opportunities for young people to travel to new countries, explore different cultures and learn more about themselves. On the other hand, this is often only open to the more privileged. You can change this by giving young people from low-income families or other excluded groups the opportunity to engage in international volunteering and making a life changing experience.

Our Work
ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange) has more than 70 years of experience facilitating intercultural exchanges, with the aim of fostering peace and social justice worldwide. We offer volunteering opportunities in more than 40 countries. Read about our work here: 

Working together towards global solidarity and equality, this new South-to-South Volunteering Scholarship Fund will enable the participation of young volunteers from low-income families and other excluded groups. We want to give them the opportunity to broaden their horizon, learn new competencies and contribute to building a better world.  The inclusiveness of the ICYE global family has always been its strength and let’s ensure that it remains that way going forward! 

Having the opportunity to volunteer should be possible for everyone - right? Through volunteering you deepen your knowledge and develop a sense of responsibility for your community and for our planet. As one former volunteer - who participated in an exchange in the 1950s, says: "What I do, how I live, how I filter things - all this reflects the experiences and influences of this exchange year - even after 60 years." 

Due to global structural inequities and the legacy of colonialism, we recognise that South-to-South volunteering is not sufficiently prioritised or promoted. Further, despite our network’s efforts to subsidise the costs of travel, there are still significant hurdles when it comes to visa procedures and costs of living for volunteers willing to participate in a South-to-South exchange. Taking the past 5 years as an example, South-to-South volunteering has made up only 1% of our exchanges, indicating a significant gap in access!

Let’s open up the doors to #EquitableVolunteering! 

1,2, 3 - take action:
With a donation of €5, €10, or more you give a young person a life-changing intercultural learning experience. Help us reach our goal of sponsoring 9 volunteers by the end of 2021* - let's reach €45,000 by the end of this year.

Thank you very much!

*Keeping volunteer and host community safety in mind, our volunteers will only travel once the pandemic situation allows and will be adequately tested and/or meet all health and safety requirements to do so at the time of their travel.