An aid project by “Ndau Legacy Association” (S. Mwaingeni) in Harare, Zimbabwe

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S. Mwaingeni (Project Manager)

S. Mwaingeni
The restore and protect Ndau culture and language projects seeks to help the marginalized Ndau people in Zimbabwe protect their culture which is at the risk of becoming extinct. This project seeks to protect the language and culture through curriculum development, games, dances and poems. This project continues to host host Ndau culture days, Ndau Community inspired events in an effort to instill pride and encourage cultural and language preservation.

Some of the major milestones for today and the future are the introduction of the CHIPINGE COMMUNITY CUP (a soccer competition to bring all Ndau speaking people to compete and encourage unity through sport). The scope of the project will be expanded to include other sporting areas beyond soccer in an effort to harness the local (Ndau Speaking Areas) talent into the world.

Chipinge Public & Mobile Library
The project is also is also implementing a Public Library that also operates a Mobile Library concept in which books are rotated across 8 Zones (Schools) so that access is expanded to other areas as there is shortage of books in the Area.

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Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

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  • some of the Ndau Community Cup teams

    Uploaded at 15-08-2016

  • Poor Ndau people doing hard labour to survive.

    Uploaded at 19-03-2012

  • Ndau people discussing projects for the Ndau community

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  • Ndau Traditional dance called muchongoyo.

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  • This is part of the culture which seems to be dissappearing.People making mealie mealie for themselves using a method called Kutwa(hit hard).

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  • Ndau Kids getting help from NLA, taking them from the streets and giving them hope

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