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Ndau Legacy Association

managed by S. Mwaingeni

About us

Ndau Legacy Association (NLA) is a group that came into being as a culmination of the realization of the need to promote Ndau culture and language which were on the verge of extinction in Zimbabwe. Along with need to promote Ndau culture and language, the group focuses on responding to the development challenges facing Ndau-speaking and related regions and their peoples. NLA started off and became popular through a facebook page entitled: REKETE CHINDAU – LEAVE A LEGACY which was created in 2010 by Mr. Ishmael Penyai. The popularity of this group increased in 2011, gaining a membership of more than 2000 people by December 2011 and it keeps on increasing. Ndau people are mostly found in the eastern parts of Zimbabwe in the province of Manicaland and in parts of West-Southern Mozambique. In Zimbabwe, the main Ndau speaking districts are Chipinge and Chimanimani, although Zimbabwean Ndau people have spread all over the country and transnationally.

The aim of NLA is to bring together Ndau people and other interested people with the thrust of cultivating a spirit of cultural tolerance and spreading Ndau language and culture while contributing to sustainable human development. The group is interested in exploring the histories and cultures of Ndau people and open up a dialogue that would promote the celebration of difference and diversity among various ethnic groups in Zimbabwe, the Southern African region, greater Africa and the World. The aim is to generate and nurture a spirit of cultural tolerance and non-violence.


Zambira Street, New Marimba Park

S. Mwaingeni

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