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From hand to mouth: our AckerKita is under construction

A project from DRK Kindertageseinrichtung "Am Stadtpark"
in Versmold, Germany

With curiosity, enthusiasm and agricultural practice, we lay the foundation for the development of sustainable values ​​in our growing society: your children

Susan Sommer
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About this project

In the DRK Kindertageseinrichtung "Am Stadtpark", children of all ages sow, cultivate and harvest their own vegetables with the aim of getting them excited about healthy nutrition, nature and sustainability. Over the course of a year, the children grow over 25 types of vegetables on their own day care field. They experience where our food comes from and how it grows; playful educational material accompanies practical work in the fields and in daycare.
This overall project is accompanied by the Ackerdemia and supported by sponsors. The community foundation Versmold pays 100% of the own contribution of this project in the amount of 1450 € in the first year, 1100 € in the second year, 850 € in the third year, 500 € in the fourth year and 500 € in the fifth year. Many thanks to the Versmold Community Foundation!

With this fundraising campaign we would like to make the costs for the initial set-up (paved area, hut and equipment) of the AckerKita for our daycare possible through your donation.

Many thanks from the AckerKinder and educators from Versmold!