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Surgery Campaign Cameroon 2021

A project from Bon Secours Kamerun e.V.
in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Funding for a surgery campaign in which indigent patients are operated on free of charge in one week.

G. Schorn
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About this project

Dr René Essomba, a trauma surgeon trained in Germany, returned to his home country Cameroon almost 10 years ago. With the help of our association, we established the hospital "du bon secours" in the capital of Cameroon. For some years now, Dr. Essomba, together with other doctors, has been carrying out a surgery campaign once a year. In one week, patients who cannot afford medical treatment are operated on free of charge. It is important to know that there is no legal health system in Cameroon and that patients always have to pay for their own treatment. Last year, the campaign was able to operate on a total of 30 patients. Florence is one of these patients. She is 5 years old and suffered burns to her hip and knees in an accident involving flammable petroleum gas. The severe scarring also affected her bones and joints.  Since the accident, she suffered from permanent pain and associated insomnia and malnutrition. She could no longer attend school and was in a very poor condition. The operation and subsequent therapy were successful and she is now a happy child again, looking forward to going to school and playing with her friends. 
Dr. Essomba would like to organise a campaign again this year. Although the doctors and nurses work without pay and there are no costs for the use of the hospital, materials such as medicines, bandages and surgical and anaesthetic materials have to be bought. We are collecting money so that these things can be bought.

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