Funded Women knit socks

An aid project by “"Viscri incepe" deutsch: "Viscri startet"” (A. Schorb) in Viscri, Romania

A. Schorb (Project Manager)

A. Schorb
In the Rumanian rural village of Viscri women knit socks, gloves, sweaters etc. since ten years, which are sold in Germany and Rumania. They help improve their low family incomes. People here are poor. Most of them earn as much as €100 per month as day labourers or selling milk from their one/two cows. Most of the villagers have sheep. This was our reason for starting a spinning company seven years ago, were we use our own wool to spin socks.

About 80% of women and girls from the village participate in the so called 'sock-project'. Seven women are fully employed and socially ensured by the company. The spinneries, which we bought second-hand are in desperate need of repair and some parts need to be replaced. We need two hoovers and the electric installation needs to be overhauled. The money generated by the spinnery goes fully into salaries, insurances, electricity and heating. It is not possible to generate a surplus for repair work. If the spinnery cannot be kept up and running, the 'sock-project', which is very successful since several years, is endangered.

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Location: Viscri, Romania

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