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Funded The (Shelter-)Kids are alright! And they need your support!

Frankfurt, Germany

In Project Shelter we have 4 Children whose parents are struggling to afford RMV tickets to go to school and back home. Help us to provide the children with annual tickets!

Philipp from turn the corner e.V. | 
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About this project

The (Shelter-)Kids are alright! And they need your support!

In Project Shelter we have 4 Children whose parents are struggling to afford RMV tickets to go to school and back home. They often buy single way tickets, that we all know add up very fast, or ride without tickets. This is an issue that we want to solve. 

We have asked both the city of Frankfurt and RMV/Deutsche Bahn if they can support us. They said they can't. So it is up to us to support these Children. We as Project.Shelter have found the best solution would be getting the “Schülerticket Hessen” that cost 365€, 1€ per day. 
All together for the 4 Children this comes to a total of 1460€. We need your help to fund these tickets!

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Who we are: 

Founded in the fall of 2014 as a group of both people with and without history of migration in Frankfurt am Main, Project.Shelter is fighting since more than four years for the political needs and interests of homeless migrants or migrants in danger of becoming so. Many of the present-day activists have been or are still homeless; as so called “Lampedusa-refugees” they are legally allowed to stay in Germany for a period of up to three months, yet the German state is depriving them of any social welfare, stating the Dublin-decree as a reason. 

Out of these reasons, first of all, we organise sleeping places in private homes, provide public transport tickets and bicycles, finance medical care and support with translations for official affairs. Last but not least, the project is a meeting point for togetherness, mutual exchange and community activities of the involved and the interested. It allows migrants to organize themselves, to develop common demands and to carry them out to the public in the form of actions and demonstrations. In this way, among other things, hierarchies between people with congenital privileges and those who are discriminated due to their passports are to be recognized and dismantled. 

We do not distinguish people according to their residency status. We make no distincition between legalized and illegalized refugees and migrants. It does not matter to us why people came to Frankfurt – everyone deserves a humane arrival and the opportunity to start a new life at the place of their choice. 

Project Shelter is much more than just shelter and accomodation; prejudices, stereotypes and fears are to be abolished, in order to contribute to the long-term development of an open society in which solidarity is seen as a matter of course and where exclusion is combated together. 
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Updated at 24. March 2021