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HFW GARDEN: Permaculture, self-sufficiency and healthy diet

A project from Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V.
in Siaya, Kenya

Only healthy and satiated children can learn well. Education is the key to escaping the poverty trap. This farm project ensures healthy and sufficient nutrition for the children of a primary school and an orphanage (currently 194 children).

Ans Brockfeld
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About this project

"Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V." HfW works with its partner association "Mbaga Orphaned Children's Center" MOCC to help needy children in Siaya (Kenya) in their development. We offer education, healthy and sufficient nutrition and medical care. The children, many of them orphans or half-orphans, can go to school, eat a hot meal twice a day and are provided with health care through a nurse, a child psychologist and the national health insurance. 
With the financial and technological support of HfW, the farm team and the kitchen team take care of the healthy and varied meals for the school children in Siaya, even during the holidays! The three members of the farm team cultivate the field right behind the school with different types of grains and vegetables. An orchard has been planted and also a small "forest" with fast-growing trees so that they can harvest their own firewood for the large stove in the school kitchen. Rainwater is collected and a pump is used to pump water from the lower river into large tanks so that the field can also be irrigated during the dry season. This makes the school kitchen independent of market supplies and prices at all times. In addition, everything from the field comes in organic quality, because no chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides are used on this permaculture field. 

The children in Siaya are often not only undernourished, but also malnourished, as they usually only eat ugali (maize porridge) and sukumawiki (a type of cabbage). And nothing else. Vitamins, fats, fibre, trace elements and other carbohydrates are missing. The farm team is committed to diversity and grows chard, leeks, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, aubergines, beans, maize, sweet potatoes, beetroot, carrots and much more. Herbs are stocking the school's own "medicine cabinet" and soon there will be bananas, papayas and mangoes in abundance. This is not only healthy and enough, it also tastes good!

Not only can the children eat healthy food at school, they also learn how to grow the vegetables themselves in the school garden lessons. 
The farm team's 2021 goals: 
- Increase egg production by replacing the chicken breed. 
- Permaculture workshops for parents and village community.
- Expand the school garden.
- Establish a seed bank.
- Start a tree nursery.
- Sell vegetables and home-grown seedlings.
- Own further training in permaculture, exchange and networking.