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Construction of a new scorer house - Devils go!

A project from Förderverein Baseball und Softball TV St. Ingbert
in Sankt Ingbert, Germany

To finance a scorer and catering house we are currently still missing about 3000 euros, which we want to achieve through this fundraiser. In total the house will cost about 15000 Euro. Unfortunately, we can only provide photos of the situation now.

Mark Unbehend
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About this project

To finance a scorer house we are currently still missing about 3000 euros, which we want to achieve through this fundraiser.  In total, the house will cost about 15000 euros. Unfortunately, we can currently only show photos of the current state here, since the house has yet to be built. 


Almost exactly 10 years ago we built with our own hands our baseball field in St. Ingbert - the Ballpark Wallerfeld. At the same time, we built a board shack to provide the scorers, i.e. the scribes who record the exact course of the game, with protection from the weather and a clear view of the field.
The "shed" was also used to store equipment that we needed during games and practice.
But now that the shed has been vandalized and kicked in, it has been standing on the field for more than a year without a door because it was kicked in. A renovation is no longer worthwhile. Therefore, we are now striving for a solid wooden construction with windows and protective grids to protect the house from further destruction then in the future.

The extent of the vandalism can be seen in the photos. 

Before every training session, the players - even during youth training! - are forced to remove broken glass and garbage from the training area in order to be able to train at all. 

By closing the dugouts (players' benches - project already financed) and building a new scorer's house, we want to deprive potential vandals of attractive places to shelter. Then the vandalism should also stop. At least that is our hope. 

Unfortunately, we are still a few euros short to build the scorer house. Please contribute so that we can realize this project. 

Of course we would also be happy if you would become a member of our support association. The annual membership fee is at least 20 Euro, we would be happy to pay more. 

We will be happy to answer any questions. 

Devils go! (as we say as a greeting) 

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