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Funded Schooldesks for the children in Pengo

A project from Hilfe für Kwale District e.V.
in Shimba Hills, Kenya

We urgently need your help to finance tables and chairs for the "Bwagamoyo Nursery School". Of the in total 103 children, 71 have to sit on the floor at the moment.

Claudia B.
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About this project

Since 2008 we build up the "Sabrina Primary School. Next to the school buildings, the school furniture and the learning materials we also fund the daily school meals.

Our last call for donations was for bunk neds for the boarding pupils from grades 7 and 8. - Now we have to take care of the very small once again.

Throughout the last years we have built new classrooms for the nursery school, such that all 3 classes of the "Bwagamoyo Nursery School" have an own classroom.

Unfortunately, some of the school furniture got broken in the meantime. Apparently, its quality was not good enough to cope with the daily exposure to the energy of the small children.

By now, the nursery school is attended by more 100 children. Since there are only 9 small tables (each for 6 children) and 32 small chairs in total, two thirds of the children have to sit on the floor.

That means we require another 9 tables and additional 71 small chairs.

The total cost for this purchase amount to approximately 1,300 Euros.

We solicit your contribution to provide the children with proper seats and tables, where they can draw and practice to write letters and numbers.

Many thanks in advance for your support!