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Hilfe für Kwale District e.V.

managed by Claudia B.

About us

The organisation "Hilfe für Kwale District e.V." (Help for Kwale District) was founded on April, 4th 2008. Together with the local people, our common wish is to work on improving their living conditions.

Pengo Village is a small village within the Shimba Hills, located on the edge of a national park.
In spring 2008 there was only a single, small clay hut that served as a nursery school for about 50 children!
In the meantime, the Bwagamoyo Nursery School has 3 classrooms. On November 11, 2009 the "Sabrina Primary School Bwagamoyo" was inaugurated.
The children of the in total 8 classes (3 nursery and 5 primary school classes) are now sitting at school desks and using learning materials and blackboards.
Our goal until 2016 is that each of the 8 classes will have its own classroom.

Moreover, the children receive substantial breakfast and a healthy lunch on each day of school. On top of that, a 65m deep well provides clean water that allowed us to ensure good sanitary conditions by installing a water-toilet facility.

Graduating from primary school alone, however, does not enable anyone to earn one's living. For that reason we also want to invest into the vocational education of the children from Pengo during the years ahead.

Education is the most important requirement for the future of the people in Kenya. It is their only way to work on their way out of poverty.
Next to that, health is an essential aspect. The Kwale District Hospital and the dispensary in Mwaluphamba are public institutions. Unfortunately, the doctors and nurses are short of everything. We help with the funding of vaccines, medicine and necessary equipment.

But also regular medical care is an important factor, as many people cannot afford it. Therefore, we sponsor 4 health action days per year at 6 schools for about 3000 children in the Shimba Hills.

Latest project news

Ich habe 58,50 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Claudia B.  02 January 2018 at 03:04 PM

Herzlichen Dank für die Unterstützung der Hilfslehrer der Sabrina Primary School in Pengo. Jeder Cent, der für diese engagierten jungen Leute bei uns eingegangen ist, ist auch in Kenia angekommen.
Wir wünschen allen Spendern ein friedliches Weihnachtsfest und alles Gute für das Jahr 2018.
Herzliche Grüße
Claudia Bürkle

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