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Stop the vicious circle, neuter the dogs in Tomé!

A project from FinnDomingo e.V.
in Tomé, Chile

With the beginning of the Corona crisis, the Chilean port city of Tomé suspended all castration projects. The result: Countless puppies on the streets. Our plan: Emergency aid "prevention through castration" for at least 60 dogs in Tomé / Chile!

E. Stähr
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About this project

Due to the corona crisis, the port city of Tomé / Chile has been canceling all castration projects since April last year. The results: many people are poor, many are desperate, many abandon their uncastrated animals, the animals reproduce. The local animal rights activists in the small town are facing their limits, both financially and emotionally.

Our partner organization Orgullo Animal (“Animal Pride”) had to take in 68 puppies and their mothers within a very short time. Orgullo Animal consists practically of only one person, its founder, who never has had the money for an animal shelter. Instead, she and a group of helpers have always been housing the rescued four-legged friends at their own homes and look after them with impressive professionalism.

Orgullo Animals' financiation is based only on private donations. Now, due to the pandemic, 15 of 65 of their regular donors have stopped paying and 20 more have reduced their payments. There was and there is no public help, even the information that are important for finding new owners for the animals are only allowed to a limited extent, although Orgullo Animal implemented strict hygiene measures.

Thus, the adoption process for the 68 puppies and their mothers goes very slow. More abandoned female dogs and their puppies join in. Many of the animals are weakened and need veterinary treatment, later have to be vaccinated, dewormed and castrated. But both - feed and veterinary treatment - cost money, which is actually lacking. How does this group of incredibly committed and humble people manage to keep going? We don't know. We bow to so much sacrifice! What a great work!

Now, we want to help them: In order to interrupt this vicious circle and prevent further reproduction, as many dogs as possible shall now be neutered, including at least six very shy animals that have to be caught with a blowpipe.

Please help us help. 
Orgullo Animal in Tomé / Chile deserves your support!