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Closed Recreation for mentally ill patients

El Talar de Pacheco, Argentina

Closed Recreation for mentally ill patients

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The project contains the maintenance of a recreational building for mentally ill patients, which we could not use for a certain time because of edificial defects.

D. Ruffinatti from SACDEM - Evangelische Stiftung in ArgentinienWrite a message

Maintenance of the recreational building for the mentally ill

History and general information about the benefit of this project:

The interdisciplinary hospital “José T. Borda” is an institution of the argentine state, which already exists for about 150 years. These days it shelters approximately 700 patients.
We started sharing our life with these helpless people, through which our tasks became clearer and clearer. We noticed that what they really needed for a dignified life was mercy and provision with the simple necessities to life. Since 1984 the hospital’s board has been opening their doors for us. Initially because they appreciated our service and later they also started to accept our pastoral functions within the hospital – especially in the field of rehabilitation. In this area we are confronted with a high risk of HIV/AIDS – app. 10% of the patients are affected.

Task development within the hospital and outside:

Within the hospital we accompany the patients pastorally and provide the necessities to life like clothing, shoes, toiletteries, etc.
Outside the hospital we organize excursions for groups of about 60 patients. It is a service of grace and it constantly reflects the love of Jesus through our actions, affection, etc. A group of approximately 30 volunteers supports our excursions by organizing different activities to split up the work.

The project:

The purpose is to maintain the building – located outside from Buenos Aires – which we could not use for a certain time because of edificial defects. The Maintenance consists of the improvement of the electric lines, the reparation of the toilettes and the water system, plus the renovation of the walls in our main hall.
The maintenance work would take about two months and the expenses of workman and material are 3000.00 Euros.

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