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Closed Liter of Light Switzerland

A project from Liter of Light Switzerland
in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Liter of Light is a global network of organizations that installs solar bottles – recycled PET bottles filled with water and bleach – to provide an alternative cheap source of light for underprivileged households.

J. Berner
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About this project

Liter of Light Switzerland is a students non-profit organisation which’s mission is to provide an ecologically and economically sustainable source of light to underprivileged households. For those, who do not have a proper or no access to electricity at all or effectively cannot afford the very same, Liter of LightSwitzerland maintains its global network of local Liter of Light sub-chapters and expands to newfrontiers continuously.
But what societal challenge do we address, eventually? The problems which arise from a lack of electricity are various. Besides the rather obvious inability to cook and heat electrically, underprivileged households cannot light their own shelters either. Many homes located in slums do not have windows and thus remain dim throughout the day. Without an adequate source of light, it is impossible to see accurately and thus performing basic tasks becomes extraordinarily difficult. Just think of reading and cleaning in the dark. In addition to that, people trying to receive electricity illegally are exposing their families and themselves to life-threatening risks, such as a fire due to an electrical short. Families again, which have access to electricity pay substantial amounts to their electricity supplier rather than satisfying other more pressing needs, such as nutrition or education. Accordingly, the primary objective of Liter of Light Switzerland, our sub-chapters and our solution is to bring light to all those households which either do not have (an appropriate) access to electricity, use illegal sources or cannot afford to pay the bills.
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