Closed Microfinance Development

An aid project by “Apex Microfinance Micro Credit Company (MCC)” (K. Lehrke) in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

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K. Lehrke (Project Manager)

K. Lehrke
Our Mission: To establish an efficient, transparent APEX institution to disseminate know-how and offer funds (refinance) at preferential rates to Credit Unions and Microfinance Organisations, for microfinance sector development and for the betterment of disadvantaged groups.

Our Vision: To enhance and foster rural development to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment, empower disadvantaged people/women, particularly in the rural areas, through enabling them to easily access affordable finance (micro credits) to overcome short-term financial difficulties and for the creation of small to medium size businesses (SME Finance).

We are seeking help to achieve our mission to develop a well-functioning microfinance sector in the Kyrgyz Republic - thus helping to reach the country development- and the millennium development goals to alleviate poverty, foster small and medium sized business development, create social and political stability in the regions and enable the countless poor people in the rural areas to better their family income.

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Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

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