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An aid project by “BAFNET” (K. Abdu-karim) in Kampala, Uganda

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K. Abdu-karim (Project Manager)

K. Abdu-karim
This is a yearly project which is aimed at creating awareness to different people in the community that the elderly are our role models and very important in our communities so they need to be valued and cared for.

This activity will be held on 15th June 2012 since it’s the International Awareness Day for the elderly and various activities will be conducted among which includes;

• Community awareness
• Matching
• HIV/AIDS testing all people of all age groups
• Counseling and guidance
• Entertainment
• We shall also put in place mobile clinics to deal with heart related diseases that affect aged people.

What is needed?
• We need resources or financial help to book the venue where this event will be held and Mobilization.
• Printing of Plaster cards
• Printing of Flyers
• Printing of BAFNET shirts

Any contribution given to us will be warmly welcome

More information:

Location: Kampala, Uganda

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