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Empower and Educate single Woman from Syria

Izmir, Turkey

With this education and empowerment program for single women, we want to give disadvantaged and vulnerable women from Syria the chance to lead a life in dignity and to shape it independently.

Markus B. from Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. | 
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About this project

Hello dear friends and supporter!

How nice that you found your way to us and this wonderful project! !

We are Esther and Joan and in February we will go on an aid trip to Izmir on the Turkish west coast for about 4-5 weeks to join and work as Volunteers in an amazing project which support single refugee Woman. The name of the NGO we will join is called KEP (Kolektif Etki Programı, in the English Collective Impact Program) and is an officially registered NGO in Turkey, based in Izmir. KEP was supported and founded by the German-based association "Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V." 
Of course, there are a few other hard-working ninjas involved on site.
With this education program for single women, KEP want to give disadvantaged and vulnerable women from Syria the chance to lead a life in dignity and to shape it independently.

Their vision
We imagine a world in which people share love, respect each other and build bridges across borders. We believe that we can only achieve this vision by supporting social change and creating an inclusive society where women have equal rights and access to education and employment opportunities.

For this reason KEP have set up an education center for disadvantaged women in a beautiful old house in Izmir, in a district called "Buca".
There women are trained in courses over six months in the textile sector and receive a certified certificate at the end of their training. At the same time, they regularly hold workshops, for example in the areas of "human rights", "rights for women" or "rights for refugees".
They also work closely with the Bar Association and the vocational school in Izmir.

While the women are trained or take part in workshops, their children are cared for in our "day care" in an educational and playful way, receive support with their homework or receive tutoring.

Around 80,000 refugees from Syria and other parts of the world live in Izmir, in a district called "Basmane". More than half of them are women and children. Many of the women lost their husbands in the war or they are missing.
Due to the great need of being able to earn a living completely alone, without the protection and support of the family, for themselves and their children, many women often have no other option than to earn a living through prostitution.

We want to support these women and their children and of course the whole program, strengthen their self-confidence and show them new opportunities.
As a volunteer, we will actively support KEP in the project. For example, we will help with childcare, support in workshops, but also in the kitchen, in the garden and wherever necessary, and help to enable the women and their children to lead a dignified life.
With your donation you will also become part of something important and wonderful. Every contribution helps.
We would be happy if you would like to support us and this wonderful project.

We would like to thank you very much in advance!

Your Esther and Joan
Updated at 10. February 2021