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United Action e.V. - Solidarity fund

Potsdam, Germany

United Action e.V. is a non-profit association that has been working with and supporting women and girls seeking protection in the Berlin-Brandenburg area since 2018.

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About this project

United Action e.V. is a non-profit association that has been working with women and girls seeking protection in the Berlin-Brandenburg area since 2018. The association conducts migration counselling, conferences, empowerment and educational workshops as well as political actions that promote the process of integration and participation in the local community. Through its activities, the association has already reached more than 500 women and girls from over 12 countries.

The initiative goes back to the activist Fatuma Musa Afrah, who, due to her own experience of flight and arrival, has set herself the goal of helping "Newcomer Women" to arrive in this society.

We motivate women to use their strengths, resources and talents (empowerment) and inform them about their rights. We also aim to raise awareness of cultural differences, teach values such as tolerance and respect, and introduce women to opportunities for social participation.

A special concern is the education and reappraisal of racism in our society. This not only makes integration into the German majority society more difficult, but can also be observed between migrant groups.

For this purpose, we offer them a safe space where women and girls can come together and exchange experiences, learn from each other and help each other. Sensitive topics, including those related to health or family planning (e.g. female genital mutilation, contraceptive methods), can also be brought up. At the same time, the meeting spaces offer the opportunity to reflect on inherited cultural and traditional norms of the society of origin.
Inclusion can only succeed if the environment is also ready for it. That is why we want to include both German fellow citizens and the men of the newcomer women in our work. The goal is to sensitize them to each other's points of view and needs - because only together can we achieve integration.

Your donation goes directly to the work of United Action e.V. and enables free services to empower vulnerable women and girls and support them in the long term.
Every amount helps and we are grateful for any help!

We too are not unaffected by the current crisis. The pandemic threatens the continued financing of existing and planned projects. The loss of funding for presence services, which currently cannot take place, also presents the association with the challenge of having to maintain its existing structures through private donations.

As well as donations, we are very happy about people who want to accompany and help shape our work in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. For more information on volunteering, please visit our website or write us to 
Updated at 28. February 2021