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Marginalised waste pickers community at Kaushambi, UP

A project from Gib mir eine Zukunft
in new delhi, India

External constraints drive waste pickers into a downward spiral of diminishing ability to care for themselves thus perpetuating suffering. Sahyog Chakra is determined to reverse the spiral upwards to restore self acceptance and restore their power.

J. Born
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About this project

Waste pickers at Kaushambi collect garbage from neighbouring houses, dumps, and the landfill at Gazipur. Public garbage dumps and landfills are government property, many of the waste-pickers are allowed to do their work by officials who take bribes from them, and do not give them work identity, in order to avoid giving them work benefits. 
There is continuous exposure to heat, lethal gases like methane and stench of rotting garbage from landfills with detrimental impact on the waste-pickers health. Safety is not ensured, because there is no barrier against hazards and gloves, gumboots and masks are not applied.
Living conditions: They live in an unauthorised settlement, which is considered illegal by the government with no access to water, sanitation, food, electricity, education, health service etc.
This leads to: Emotional and Mental disturbances, substance misuse and violence
Most of the children of the waste picker community at Kaushambi have dropped out of school. They were ill-treated by teachers and other students. The teachers make them sit separately, they beat them, and they are even asked to clean the toilets in school.
In  short:
all external constraints drive the waste pickers and their children into a downward spiral of diminishing health and ability to care for themselves thus perpetuating their suffering.

Sahyog Chakra is determined to reverse the spiral upwards through:
empathic listening  in safe environments  and soft trainings to restore their sense of safety, trust, acceptance and integrity- things that matter to connect with the humanness in us all.; to restore self-acceptance, self-care, and they can restore their power.

Exercises and trainings can be: 

recognise own agency and be aware of environmental factors affecting the person and the circumstances. Self-acceptance and connection,  Group focusing,  Conflict and needs connection, Role-play with facilitator, Dyads/Triads sharing and exploration, Practice Celebrations and Mourning,  Explore core beliefs like e.g.  I deserve to be treated badly because I…..