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Beads of Life Charity Home

A project from CHER!SH e.V.
in New Koforidua, Ghana

Children from poor families deserve a chance to make a living. Beads of Life Charity Home provides the necessary support.

W. Hübel-Dwomor
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About this project

Beads of Life Charity Home protects needy children in Ghana from a life on the streets. It is mostly hope for a better life which drives children from poor families onto the streets. There however the only thing they find is violence, exploitation and even more poverty. Most of these children have to involve in child labour, prostitution or thievery to make a living. Due to the emotional harm, it is extremely difficult to reintegrate these children into the society. 
 The aim of Beads of Life Charity Home is to intervene as early as possible in order to prevent the children from entering the vicious cycle of poverty and violence. Disadvantaged children find in Beads of Life Charity Home a safe and secure environment, education and guidance, thus receiving new prospects for a sustainable livelihood. 

Central project activities

A home for every child
In 2012 we bought a large piece of land in New Koforidua, a village in the rural area of the Ashanti Region. This is where we have built new dormitories for the accommodation of 30 children. The house contains five bedrooms with a bath to each room, an office and a store room. Those children who cannot stay in their original families find a new home here. The builing is now in the last stage of completion. A kitchen and common room will follow.

Education against poverty
All children supported by Beads of Life Charity Home attend school. We cover the cost of school fees and equipment. Schools in the rural areas however often don't provide satisfactory education. Furthermore it is in Ghana still common to use the cane on children, even though it is legally forbidden. We have therefore set a target to build a primary school on the premises of the home by 2025. We will then be able to teach the younger children in an appropriate and non-violent way. 

Finding a place in life
Childrens rights are very important to us. We want to empower our children in such a way, that they become aware of their rights and responsibilities as members of their society. We organize project work and seminars for the children to look into issues of social difficulties and reposition themselves. In future we will also organize a childrens parliament, which will give them the chance to actively participate in issues concerning them.

Involving parents and families
Most children seeking shelter in Beads of Life Charity Home come from dysfunctional families. Taking care of the child helps immediately. However, our aim is that as many children as possible are able to stay in their families or return there. Low-threshold evening talks and seminars to issues like hygiene, childrens rights and the importance of education help to change mindsets and create supportive conditions within the family. The impact this can have on a family also influences their environment, so that the message of Beads of Life Charity Home spreads in the community.