A chance for every child

An aid project by “Miisland e.V.” (W. Hübel) in New Koforidua, Ghana

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W. Hübel (Project Manager)

W. Hübel
Beads of Life Charity Home supports children, who otherwise have no chance but to live on the streets. We provide:
- Shelter
- Health Care
- Guidance
- Education
- Job Training
- Parental education and support

At the moment, all we are using is a two bedroom structure, where the children are being accommodated and supervised by our director and one house father. The home depends solely on donations, which mostly come from local churches. We are however able to grow part of our food on the farm at our disposal.

Over the years, the number of children has grown to a point, where we are no longer able to sufficiently support them. 42 children are currently being supported in the above areas. Room to accomoodate them as well as means to pay for school fees and medical treatment are now lacking.

In order to be able to support the children according to our mission and vision, we have drawn a detailed concept which describes our plans for the professional development of the home. These contain:
- the acquisition of a suitable piece of land
- the building of new dormitories
- the employment of a sufficient number of house mothers and fathers (1:10)
- the building of a kitchen and storeroom
- improved and expanded farming to ensure a balanced diet for our children
- the drilling of a borehole for clean water
- improved medical care
- payment of all school fees
- the building of a common or reading room used for homework supervision
- the building of an office
- the employment of an administrator and accountant
- the employment of a social worker
- leading of workshops for children and parents
- the building of a guest house for volunteers as well as cooperation with national and international volunteers

These measures are to be implemented by 2015. The first year is dedicated to the acquisition of a suitable piece of land and the building of one structure for dormitories, the kitchen and the borehole. At the same time, a balanced diet, sufficient medical care and payment of school fees must be ongoing.

These activities exceed the financial means we can reasonably expect from our current network of donors. Especially the expensive building plans require additional funding. We have started to contact international donor organisations, but need further assistance from our friends from Ghana and Germany to implement our plans.

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Location: New Koforidua, Ghana

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