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Funded Mmabana Internet Café

Choma, Zambia

Funded Mmabana Internet Café

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Maximize the current free computer course and improve the sustainability of Mmabana through an internet café. Outcomes: access to information; continued education; opportunities for employment & empowerment and sustainability & independence

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A present project of Mmabana is providing a free computer course to local youths in Choma. The aim of the project is to promote information and computer technology (ICT) among the youth in order to increase employment opportunities, access world wide information, research skills, online education and other empowerment opportunities that ICT offers. There are three different modules (beginners, intermediate and advanced) offered to train 24 youths quaterly on 6 desktops. For more information visit

To maximize the benefit from the resources already available for the computer skills project and improve the financing structure of the organization, Mmabana is planning to set up an internet café for the public. This service is aimed at making internet facilities more accessible to the community in order to accelerate their development through research, continued education, access information and more opportunities for employment and empowerment. The charge of internet will enable Mmabana to carry its administration cost and to maintain the flow of internet to its clients. Besides, the internet café will have a provision of printing & photocopying and secretarial services where clients can pay for the services rendered. The profits from these services will sustain the administration of the free computer course and the internet café and payments of the facilitators.

Our team in Choma has already started the first steps required for the project, finding the accommodation and approaching the potential clients and negotiating resources and partnerships with them. Your donation will be used for the procurement of the equipment required for the installation of the internet cafe, its transport to Choma, the commissioning and opening. In the end Mmabana will have 8 additional computers available for free training and internet services

By the beginning of April the internet café should be successfully installed and handed over to Mmabana to run the business. After 3 months, i.e. by the beginning of July, the internet café should be generating enough income to at least cover the running costs (rental, internet access and youth stipend). By the end of the year the profit should be enough to cover also the costs of the free computer course.

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