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Connecting through dance - For more networking in the neighbourhood

A project from Tanz ist KLASSE! e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We want to introduce the art form of dance to children and young people, regardless of their social and cultural background. To achieve this goal, we would like to organise free dance workshops in Berlin neighbourhoods as a new project.

Fiona Lukas
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About this project

Dancing promotes creativity, strengthens self-confidence, makes you fit and awakens team spirit. No one knows this better than the former dancers of the Berlin Staatsballett. On behalf of the Tanz ist KLASSE! association, they have been letting children and young people participate in their fascinating world of dance and ballet for 13 years - regardless of social and cultural background.

With all the current restrictions to curb the Corona Pandemic, it suddenly becomes clear what is really important - social interaction: being stimulated and motivated by others, closeness to fellow human beings, being active with each other, looking out for each other, reacting, bringing oneself into a group and finding new ideas and having fun with it.

With the project Connecting through dance we want to dance together and thus achieve exactly that: Connecting neighbours and bringing more liveliness and cohesion back into Berlin's neighbourhoods. In the early summer of 2021, on three days in three different neighbourhoods in Berlin, we would like to offer free dance workshops for children, young people, their friends and relatives.

Tanz ist KLASSE! wants to offer Berlin children and young people without dance experience an opportunity to express themselves in this art form. This should take place in their own neighbourhood. Participants should be able to bring their friends or family members. In this way, we want to encourage networking in all age groups in their own neighbourhood.

We need your donations so that everyone can participate free of charge! Costs such as hall rental, material costs and the payment of the dance teachers are normally covered by a participant's fee. However, as the workshops are intended to be open to all, we would like to avoid a potential financial hurdle by offering free participation. With donations, the project can be financially supported by you. With your donation you can help to make this project a reality. You give children and young people access to new cultural experiences, give them the opportunity to be creative, meet new people and have fun.  

A look into the future: We have even more ideas on how we can be active in the neighbourhood. If the project is a success, we would like to organise a whole holiday workshop over several days and also create offers just for senior citizens. The whole thing is an experiment that is about having fun together in community and movement.

We thank you for your support!