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Nature Protection and Organic Agricutlture together with Draft Horses

A project from Naturschutz Lawine e.V.
in Steinhöfel bei Fürstenwalde/Berlin, Germany

Anschaffung eines modernen Ackergerätes mit Pferdezug für Biologische Landwirtschaft, Naturschutz und Bildung.

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About this project

Together with draft horses into the future

In the non-profit association “Naturschutz Lawine ” we have set ourselves the goal of actively protecting nature and supporting ecological, small-scale agriculture. In our system, it has become almost impossible for farms to pay the necessary attention to common goods such as soil, biodiversity and water. The Naturschutz Lawine is located in exactly this gap between agriculture and society. We want to rehabilitate soils and create systems that improve the microclimate on usable areas. At the same time, habitats for wild animals and plants should be preserved or created. 

The two draft horses Habibi * Namib and Kaitoo support us. With them we want to revive the old cultural asset of horse work and do research how agricultural horse technology can be adapted to the situation of rural farm structures in a future-proof manner. The animals not only contribute to climate protection through their resource-saving use in the field. With the right grazing, you can sustainably maintain and develop our ecosystems on site. Our horses are kept in a species-appropriate manner, treated with care and live all year round in a large paddock.

In the association we employ interns, give workshops and presentations. We receive groups of children to give them a practical insight into ecological agriculture and we network with other farms and projects in the area on the subject of environmental protection in agriculture and much more in order to pass on the results of our work. 

Now we want to buy a modern agricultural implement! 

A modern horse device makes the use of horses easier and more productive ... After a long research, we have found our ideal device: The Pioneer Homesteader! 
It is pulled by two horses over a relatively large working width, is light and therefore comfortable for the horses and gentle on the ground and makes us a lot further independent of the tractor. In the maintenance and arrangement of our ecological pastures, fields and hedges, we can work with the horses as much as possible. We also expect a lot of knowledge about the use of horses in agriculture, which could make this climate-friendly economy more interesting again for other Farms. 

The Pioneer Homesteader was developed in the USA and is not a mass product. The costs for acquisition and transport are beyond our financial means. 3300 € (out of a total of 5300 €) are still missing! We look forward to your visits and whoever donates more than 50 € can enjoy a carriage ride!