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Construction of a non-profit hospital in the Dominican Republic

A project from Mother Earth eV
in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

In October of this year, the "Jungle-Clinic Foundation" approached us and asked us to co-finance their project of a hospital that treats people free of charge, since some partners fell away due to the Corona pandemic.

Dirk Ries
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About this project

We support the construction of a hospital on the Dominican Republic for the low-income population - the treatment of the people is free of charge. 

Our local partner on site is the "Jungle-Clinic Foundation" (adress: c/ Florence Terry, No. 4, edif conresaI, APTO. 30.1, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).

All funds raised will go entirely to the project - we are all volunteers.

The money will be used exclusively for the completion of the construction project.

We ourselves will transfer the invoices of the contracted general construction company "Rodavi Construction Internacional, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic" directly from Germany as soon as the responsible construction manager has released the progress payments by acceptance, so that no money can be misappropriated.  

The Jungle-Clinic-Foundation has already invested about 1.9 million Euros in the project; due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the Jungle-Clinic Foundation has lost important donors.

We have already supported the project with a total of 194,000 euros (until 28.12.2020):

- 09.10.2020 - 84,000 US$
- 25.11.2020  - 62.000 US$
- 07.12.2020 - 92.000 US$

The hospital will consist of a total of 4 building complexes with 20 annexes and can accommodate about 55 people at a time (in addition, 2 intensive treatment rooms are available).
Relatives can also stay overnight free of charge in case of serious illness. 

Building 1 consists of ground floor and first floor: 
Here are the treatment rooms, consulting rooms, storage and two intensive treatment rooms.

Building 2 consists of ground floor and upper floor:
On the ground floor there are 14 patient rooms, on the first floor there are rooms for employees and students.

Building 3 consists of ground floor and upper floor:
On the ground floor there is a research institute of the Jungle Clinic Foundation (alternative healing methods, etc.), the library (for patients, employees and students) and recreation rooms; on the upper floor there are administration and technical rooms

Building 4 is single-story:
Here is the breakfast room and restaurant for patients, relatives, staff and students.

The actual patient rooms are located in the immediate vicinity (within walking distance 50-100 meters) in cabana houses (20 pieces) in which about 40 people can be accommodated.

The medical director of the hospital will be Dr. Angel Pichardo, who has already been working on a "Global Health Program" in cooperation with Cornell University (Ithaca, New York) since 2014 

You can see pictures of the construction project on our Facebook account:

Pictures of the architect's office from the planning phase (2016/2017):

If you have any questions - just ask!