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Rosenheim, Germany

"Together we can make a difference. With 1 million votes we can make the European Union rethink and create a real Improvement for the protection of sharks."

Nils Kluger from StopFinningEU e.V.
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Every minute, hundreds of sharks are killed by humans. Every year, between 63 and 273 million sharks die as a result of human activity.[1] The exact numbers remain speculation, as there is a lack of reliable data and the worldwide number of unreported cases of illegal fishing is extremely high [2]. As a result of this massive overexploitation, the marine ecosystem is in danger, since sharks create a state of balance through their role as top predators.

Sharks are mainly hunted for their fins. These are consumed especially in the Asian region as shark fin soup. For this supposed delicacy you may be charged up to 90 Euros for only a few grams of fins.[2] Furthermore, the fins are tasteless, mostly they are even toxic due to the accumulation of Methylmercury and – according to several scientific studies- absolutely have no positive health effect! Still, a lucrative business with huge profit margins at the expense of the sharks has been evolved! 

This bloody business is also served from Europe! Europe is not only an important trade junction for shark fins, but also belongs to the largest fin exporters in the world!

Although since 2013 the so-called "Fins Naturally Attached" regulation of the European Union [3] prohibits the cruel "Finning" (cutting off the shark fins on the living body and subsequent "disposal" of the animal in the sea), 3,500 tons of shark fins are exported to Asia every year! [4] The loophole is that the fins may be separated from the shark body in the port and traded separately!

We demand: The trade with shark fins in Europe has to be stopped!

The cruel business with the fins will only then no longer be worthwhile, if trade with separated shark fins in the EU is prevented.

The "Fins Naturally Attached" Regulation in the European Union must be extended on the export, import and transit of sharks and rays!

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4 Felix Dent, Shelley Clarke; State of the global market for shark products; FAO FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE TECHNICAL PAPER 590; Rom 2015; S. 71ff.