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Sportswear for Almaawiya e.V.

A project from Almaawiya e.V.
in Lamu, Kenya

Children who play sports deserve decent sports clothes. We are collecting €30 for each of the 239 children in Almaawiya. On the new sports field they should be able to romp and play basketball and prepare for future competitions.

Susanne Preiss
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As part of the new construction, the school will be provided with a new sports field where the children can play, do sports and let off steam. Basketball in particular is an extremely popular sport among the children. Due to the extreme poverty, the children do not have any reasonable sports clothes and partly convert old car tires into shoes. In order to enable the children to play with reasonable sports clothes in the future, we hereby collect an amount of €30 for each of the 239 children, which results in a total need of €7,170. The sports clothing (shoes, pants, shirts) will be provided by the local school management after the completion of the sports field (Jan/Feb 2021). The aim is also for the children to be able to represent their school at competitions in joint team outfits in the future.