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50'000 trees in Brazil to tackle deforestation

A project from EarthAid Solutions e.V.
in Aracruz, Brazil

Planting a tree for 0.30$? With EarthAid Solutions, this is possible! We are a NPO run by students and we pay the costs for our association ourselves, so that 100% of your donation goes into reforestation. Become part of the change!

Christopher Douillet
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Earthaid Solutions e.V. is an association founded by students from Germany and Switzerland. Our aim is to contribute to the protection of the environment and to provide solutions to fight global warming. Currently, we are focussing on planting trees in Brazil in order to tackle deforestation in the country.

Brazil, which hosts a third of the Amazon rainforest, is suffering from extreme deforestation. In 2019, around 9,700 square kilometres were deforested. This is the equivalent of approximately 22% of the Swiss territory or 1,358,500 football fields. This unfathomable number shows that it is time to take action!

To this end, we work in collaboration with a renowned Brazilian environmental organisation called CEPAN ( During a pilot project with this organisation in 2019, we planted the first 1,000 trees. We also invited the students of Núcleo Colégio to join us on an excursion to learn more about nature and to help reforest their state. By working with local communities, we double our impact by raising awareness of the environment in everyday life. However, 1,000 trees were not going to save the planet, so we launched another campaign in February 2020. This time and with your help, we managed to raise enough funds to plant 20,000 trees. However, we are still far from the 9,700 square kilometres that were deforested in 2019, which is why we must continue! During this campaign, we aim at planting 50,000 trees. Once more, we ask for your support. Be involved and become the change towards a greener planet for future generations!

We differentiate ourselves from other non-profit organisations as the entirety of your donations is used for the reforestation. We work on a voluntary basis and our administrative costs are covered by EarthAid Solutions’ membership fees.