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Water rescue in Bonn - Voluntary. Committed.

A project from DLRG Bezirk Bonn e.V.
in Bonn, Germany

We need you to protect our responders so they always return healthy to their families from deployment.

Tobias Hentschel
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About this project

The weather must not play a role in our operational capability. To protect our emergency forces from danger, we have the right clothing for every weather and situation. This includes dry suits, helmets and life jackets.
If it is raining heavily, very cold or if a lot of splashing water is to be expected due to wind, our dry suits protect us. We also go into the water with them in an emergency. The oldest suits are now well over ten years old and despite good care they are slowly reaching the end of their life. We have already been able to buy some new suits from our own funds.
We also need more suits in smaller sizes, because recently we have had a lot of new female members. On average, we now also need more smaller sizes.
Unfortunately, dry suits are not cheap. The demand for such suits is low worldwide. Moreover, making a waterproof full-body suit that you can move well in is not easy. Each drysuit costs around 850 €.
 Support us in buying new dry suits.

We like to call life jackets our life insurance. If we fall into the water, they keep us afloat and can actually save our lives if in doubt. To be fully operational, we need a total of 22 lifejackets.

Lifejackets have a limited lifespan because the material wears out over time. With good care, they last a maximum of fifteen years. After that, they have to be replaced. Since we take very good care of them, they hardly show their age. Nevertheless, some waistcoats are now reaching this age. One lifejacket costs 300 €.

Support us in buying new life jackets.

Helmets protect us on the water from wind and weather, among other things. They make it much easier for us to communicate on the open boats due to the integrated intercom system. When there is a lot of wind or when we are moving fast, no conversation would be possible without them. We are allowed to use our helmets for ten years before we have to take them out of service. Some of them will soon reach that age. A helmet costs 350 €.

Support us in buying new helmets.

Please help our volunteers to help better and always return healthy from their missions so that we can continue to be there for everyone.

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