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Save the Comoé

A project from Freunde und Förderer der Forschungsstation Comoé
in Kakpin, Cote D'Ivoire

Our fund-raising initiative contributes to the conservation of the Comoé National Park, the largest national park of West-Africa. Your donation will to protect and conserve a unique ecosystem and its biodiversity!

Prof. Dr. Judith Korb
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About this project

The Comoé National Park is an important savannah-forest ecosystem in Ivory Coast (West-Africa) with a unique biodiversity. For these reasons, the park was also declared a UNESCO-World heritage site.

Unfortunately, since the 1990th its populations of large mammals are declining at an alarming rate. No lions can be heard anymore, grunts of hippos have been becoming rare and the few elephants hide in the forests. The animals of the Comoé National Park are in acute danger
Already in 1990 Prof. Dr. K. Eduard Linsenmair, a tropical biologist at the University of Würzburg (Germany), founded a research camp in the Comoé National Park to protect the Park and study its biodiversity. This camp developed into a permanent research station. In 2000, the station had to be closed because of political unrest in Ivory Coast, which also resulted in looting of the station. Only in 2013, the station could be re-opened after basic renovation. However, the research station needs fundamental reconstruction due to the harsh climatic conditions (e.g. high temperatures and high humidity) and the long discontinuation during the political unrest.

With our initiative we want to contribute to the conservation of a unique ecosystem by supporting the research station and the local population to use and protect the Park sustainably. 
Only a sustainable use can guarantee the survival of the many mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects and plants that are adapted to the Park’s habitats. 

Your donation will:
  • allow environmental projects with kids from local villages (‚green classes‘) 
  • support local people from surrounding villages
  • improve research conditions by renovation of the laboratory building and the research lab
  • allow renovation of accommodation and the solar station for a self-staining electrical power supply
  • improve mobility of the local employees by acquisition of new motor bikes
  • allow the transport of urgently need material from Germany to Ivory Coast via a ship container 
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