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Nippon Connection – Japanese Film Festival

A project from Nippon Connection e. V.
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Your festival for Japanese cinema and culture, from June 1 to 6, 2021, ONLINE. Six days full of current Japanese films, inspiring workshops, good conversations and beautiful concerts.

Isabelle Mathes
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About this project

Nippon Connection is your festival for Japanese cinema and culture. Over the course of six days, you can experience current films from Japan, inspiring workshops, exciting discussions, and wonderful concerts.

The 21st Nippon Connection Festival takes place ONLINE from June 1 to 6, 2021!

Due to the pandemic, we quickly organized an online edition for the first time in 2020. It turned out a record attendance of more than 25.000 viewers from over 40 countries! This gives us courage to continue, despite the uncertainties. We are planning film screenings and culture events on-site in Frankfurt and a video on demand program with selected films.  

Explore the diversity and marvels of Japanese cinema with us! Japan produces over 500 (!) feature and documentary films each year. In European cinemas, TV and streaming, you’ll only find a handful of them. Yet, Japanese cinema is so much more than “only” samurai, yakuza, and anime. At Nippon Connection, you'll find touching stories, sharp focus on social issues, thrilling dramas, crazy comedies, dystopian futures, bizarre short films…

21 years ago, it was even more difficult to watch Japanese films in Germany. Thus, students of Frankfurt University organized a first, small festival: 4 days, 13 films – and an overwhelming response of 10.000 visitors. Today, Nippon Connection has become the biggest festival for Japanese cinema worldwide: with more than 100 films and around 50 cultural events each year.

Many visitors have become regulars, fans of the colorful experiences, new perspectives and the homely atmosphere. At Nippon Connection you can talk to the film makers. Each year, more than 70 directors, actors and producers visit the festival and present their films; due to the circumstances also with online interviews and video messages.
However, financing the festival is a huge task – every single year. We do receive funding support from the Land of Hesse and the City of Frankfurt, and some private sponsors support us. Revenue from ticket sales and festival bars are other important sources. However, this is not enough to cover all costs. We are officially acknowledged as a non-profit organization and we do not generate any profits.

Every cent of your support will directly go into the festival: e.g. location fees, techniqual equipment and infrastructure, and digital platform fees.  

Our team is organized as the non-profit Nippon Connection (registered association). We are around 70 members, across age groups and interests. You share the enthusiasm for cinema and culture? Let's create our favorite Nippon Connection Festival again in 2021!