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DV Berlin for #sicherheim – safety for women in need

Hamburg, Germany

We want to give women a safe home - #sicherheim

Thekla Kerbstat from Stiftung stern - Hilfe für Menschen e.V.
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What was already known and a problem before the Corona crisis was given new attention and dimension through Covid-19. Escaping domestic violence became impossible -  Stay home. Stay safe.
And women are locked up exactly where domestic violence - psychological and physical - awaits them. Partner in a state of emergency - aggressive, emotional and dangerous.

With its partner organizations, Frauenhauskoordination, BFF and ZIF, #sicherheim would like to draw attention to the topic and make projects possible that help the victims.

We need to talk about the issue, generate awareness and create an understanding that domestic violence is no longer a taboo!

The campaign is an initiative by Natalia Wörner, Marc Lepetit, Tom Daske and Klaus Rehm. We are backed by the Bertelsmann Content Alliance, the agency DIE BOTSCHAFT and UFA GmbH. Together with agencies such as Taikonauten, Schoesslers and Reichert + and our ambassadors, we are all working pro bono on this campaign and are very happy about any support!

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