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Spendenmarathon 2021 » Musiker ohne Grenzen - Guayaquil e.V.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Unser Verein hilft beim Aufbau einer Musikschule für sozial benachteiligte Kinder und Jugendliche in Guayaquil (Ecuador). Jede Spende unterstützt uns dabei, auch 2021 den Erhalt der Musikschule unter den aktuellen Corona-Bedingungen zu sichern.

Theresa F. from Musiker ohne Grenzen - Guayaquil e.V.
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Clave de Sur is the first project of the organization Musicians without Borders („Musiker ohne Grenzen e.V.“) based in Hamburg, Germany. MoG consists out of seven non-profit music projects around the world.  Clave de Sur is located in Guasmo Sur, a district of the Ecuadorian port city Guayaquil. The goal is to provide access to musical education for everyone including people with an underprivileged background. 
Every year mostly German musicians travel to Guayaquil to support the
project as voluntary music teachers. Besides the passion for music, it is the community and friendships built within Clave de Sur, that make it a wonderful place for people of all ages and backgrounds. The volunteers are not only seen as teachers but also as close friends. 

But the worldwide corona pandemic has hit our project hard. Since the beginning of 2020 we have not been able to send volunteers to Guayaquil. At the moment locals are teaching in the project and we, as an organization, are very glad that classes can still take place. It is really important for us to pay the Ecuadorian teachers fair wages and to cover the additional costs of implementing a hygiene concept. Along with the costs for administration and the repair of instruments Clave de Sur needs a budget of more than 30.000€ (36.000USD) that is required in order to uphold our beloved music school in 2021.  You can help us by telling your friends and family about our campaign and donating to save Clave de Sur!

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