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A project from help alliance gGmbH
in Gurugram, India

Im Projekt erhalten bedürftige Kinder durch verschiedene Bildungsangebote, Gesundheitsvorsorge und Yogastunden Unterstützung zur Förderung ihrer schulischen Leistungen.

Anne Will Just
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About this project

++++CurrentCovid19 situation+++++
The situation in India has worsened dramatically in recent weeks. Medical care has collapsed. There is not only a lack of medical equipment, especially oxygen, but also a lack of food.

Therefore, we have turned our focus not only to the children but also to the families behind them. We support them with food, clean water and masks. 

In the most difficult time we are very lucky to be supported by the German start up Boxmeo. This German company has developed a solar powered box that makes masks reusable. The boxes clean the worn masks using solar energy, without the addition of water, making the masks germ and virus free.

In order to continue to provide hygienic and adequate care, we need YOUR support!

With a population of around 1.3 billion people, India is the world's largest parliamentary democracy. Although the emerging South Asian country has seen significant improvements in poverty reduction in recent years thanks to its dynamic economic as well as industrial development, large parts of the country remain characterized by extreme poverty. Due to the lack of jobs in rural areas, about a third of India's population lives in cities, a quarter of which in so-called mega-slums. Children, in particular, are the victims of the terrible living conditions on the ground; there is a lack of sufficient drinking water, food, electricity and hygiene. In addition, around 25% of children in India have no access to education, and girls are disproportionately affected. Without a school education, however, children have little chance of escaping a life of poverty.

In Gurugram, a satellite city of the metropolis New Delhi, the inhabitants also have to struggle with these problems. The slums of Gurugram are not far from New Delhi's international airport. There is a lack of infrastructure of educational institutions, and in general the quality of government schools is poor due to overcrowded classes and poorly trained teaching staff. In addition, parents rarely realize the value of education. Many of the children are conspicuous for truancy or drop out of school early without graduating. While girls are often married off at an early age, boys are expected to contribute to the family's livelihood as quickly as possible and must go to work and beg.